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 Hello, I am so glad you found my blog. 

My name is Psychologist Ash. I am a Ph.D student. Currently I am working on a research project about Self Actualization and Maslow Hierarchy of Needs.

The amount of research conducted on Maslow Pyramid and Self Actualization amazes me. I want to make sure this blog is an adequate resource for all Psychology students and Teachers.

If you are a Psychology, Nursing student or an MBA student, you might have came across the concept of Self Actualization and Maslow theory of Motivation.

This is a really easy and popular topic among  students, teachers as well as Writers and Researches, Many psychologists and writers have tried to revive the concept of Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and Self Actualization.


I personally think Life is a gift from God and we should use this life and this big brain of ours for the betterment of mankind.  

This blog is about self discovery and helping our kids achieve success. This blog is about making ourselves and our kids the best version that we can be.

This blog is also about self discovery and finding our passion and calling

 My name is Psychologist Ash and this blog is for all parents and teachers who believe in giving the best to their kids. This blog is about resources and written articles so that we can help kids achieve success in this life.

This blog is also for all students and adults who are struggling to find their gift. People who want to discover their hidden potential but don't know how. 

This blog is about how we can help kids choose better professions. I focus on  free resources, courses and printables like a lot. 


I personally believe that if a nations want to succeed then, they have to focus on their kids. We have to give our best to our kids at school or at home. YOU KNOW WHY?

Because Children are the most valuable resources. They are the Gift of God and we have to raise them so they they can achieve their full potential. They have so many hidden talents and gifts. They will change the world for  THE BETTER, if we help them and guide them. 

Sadly, a lot of our kids potential is wasted in nonsense addictions.  As parents and teachers we do not focus our energies to bring out the best in our kids. Just imagine if we help our kids uncover their gifts, talents and abilities and help them grow into such unique passionate individuals. Individuals who are passionate to use their idiosyncratic energies in making this world a better place to live.

A lot of parents and teachers believe in the the gifts and abilities of kids. They nurture these hidden talents and abilities to raise beautiful little people.  

This reminds me if a book I read with my kids"Thank you, Mr Falker. 

The story is about a Dyslexic girl who lost her grandparents, was bullied at school. A kind teacher spent a lot of time after school with her. 

With the help of a psychologist she was taught reading and writing. Reading books helped her cope with the loss of her grandparents

. The benevolent nature of her teacher turned her into a wonderful writer helping others read.


As a Psychologist, I have seen parents comparing their kids to other kids in family and in surroundings. Why, I ask why? Why can't we be happy with our kid and his/her unique abilities.

What if I tell you that Jose Ship once said your child's most annoying trait might be their greatest strength. And as a parent, you WANT YOUR KID TO LEAVE A HABIT THAT MAKES HIM or HER UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT. Just because you want him to join the bandwagon.


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