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"Hello Psychologist Ash,

I hope you are doing well.

I am an overachiever. In fact, I am addicted to Success.

I have this Type A behavior and I have a timetable and I want to schedule and achieve all my goals.

The thing is I overheard one of my best friends making fun of my accomplishments. I am hurting inside.

I do not know why he publicly trashed me. We have been friends for so long. Recently, I got promoted and he was not even considered for the promotion.

I have invested so much time in this friendship. He is always welcome at my home. I leave everything when he comes along. Even my schedule. My routine 

I do not know why he did that. Maybe he is jealous or just unhappy. But I feel bad.

Yes I feel lonely and betrayed too.

I work so hard. I have so many goals and high expectations from.myself. 

It is not about proving myself to my boss. Or my family. Or anyone.

I think I overachieve and work hard with excessive efforts to prove myself to myself. 

I do not want to disappoint myself 

I do not want to be a loser.

And I am strong, always have been.

But his attitude and backbiting  has emotionally. 

Why did I even spend a single moment with a person who makes fun of me. I should have build better relationships with my family members.

Thank you for listening"

 Photo by Joseph Ruwa@Pexels

This is how an overachiever thinks. The curse of being an overachiever is that friends are even jealous of you.



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