In this pandemic, kids are suffering a lot. They are missing school and their friends. Moreover, they are missing a lot of educational activities. How can we provide a school like atmosphere in this pandemic. Especially when our kid is 12 years old.

Below are some of the ways to keep them busy and educated. Also reducing screen time. These are all free.

1. Learning Resources Free Printables

A lot of free resources for all ages. A printable keeps kids busy and occupied.

2, School Run Best Downloadable Learning packs

There are different types of activities and all of them are printable and downloadable. I like them because a parent can find out what his kids interest and passions by looking into their choice of activity books.

3. Watching Educational Youtube Chanels together

I personally like Storyline Online. Animated story Books on this youtube channel are  read by celebrities. 

4. Coding Camp by Google 



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