Are you searching for  Self Actualization ppt? You are preparing for a Self Actualization presentation and you really need a prepared power point presentation.

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If you are studying Psychology, Medicine, Nursing, Sociology or even Management, chances are that you might have encountered Self Actualization assignments and Self Actualization presentations.

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Self Actualization ppt will help you with fresh and neat ideas for your Self Actualization presentation.

I have compiled a list of 7 Appealing Self Actualization ppt here. These Self Actualization presentations will be a Swiss army knife for your real planned presentation.

Best of luck and dive into the ocean of beautiful and mesmerizing Self Actualization ppt.

1.    Self Actualization Assignment #1  By Linda Zimmerman

This Self Actualization presentation is prepared by Linda Zimmerman. She is Professor of  Student Development Oakton Community College.

It is accessible at Bath County Schools website. You can access this Self Actualization ppt here.

I really like this power-point presentation because Linda Zimmerman gave two strong examples related to Self Actualization Pyramid.  

She extrapolated the fact that if basic needs are not met than a human being might behave in the most inhuman way ever.

2. Self Actualization Assignment #2  By The Decatur County School

Unfortunately, the name of the teacher/professor is not mentioned in the assignment. Maybe it was a combined effort of many people at the Dacatur Country School.

The Decatur County School District is a public school district in Decatur County, Georgia, United States, based in Bainbridge. It serves the communities of Attapulgus, Bainbridge, Brinson, and Climax.

I really like the PowerPoint template of this presentation. It reminds me of a textbook.

This Self Actualization ppt is more about a complete review of all Humanistic Theories and Humanist Theorist in Psychology.

I really like the comic about a father not offering unconditional positive regard to his son.

Comics really uplift a presentation. Comics and Jokes stay in the memory for a long time. Very important for a good teacher.

It is accessible at The Decatur County School  website. You can access this Self Actualization ppt here.


3.   Self Actualization Assignment #3  By St. Francis Preparatory School

 This school is commonly known as St. Francis Prep, is a private, independent Catholic college preparatory school in Fresh Meadows, Queens, New York City, New York.

This school is the largest non-diocesan Catholic high school in the United States.

I really like this Self Actualization ppt. It has a minimalist and decent theme.I really like that there are 17 meta needs mentioned in this Self Actualization ppt.

Eight ways to Self Actualize are also detailed in this Self Actualization ppt.

It is a very decent Self Actualization ppt especially if you are prepapring to present before Teachers,Professors,  University Students and Parents.

There is a comparison between both the viewpoints of Maslow and Rogers at the very end.

You can access this Self Actualization ppt here.



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 Self Actualization Assignment #4 By Pasco School District

Pasco School District # 1 serves over 17,000 school children from the City of Pasco, Washington and unincorporated Franklin County. This is a simple Self Actualization ppt that compares both the viewpoints of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers.

This Self Actualization ppt has a precise objective in the beginning and a clear-cut evaluation in the end. Using the bubbles with real pictures is a wonderful idea to anthropomorphize/ humanize and add vitality to the black and white pictures.

You can view and download the Self Actualization ppt here




Let me remind you all the Self Actualization ppt mentioned in this blog post are completely free and easily available at Google.com.

They do not have any copyright issues and are free to use and reuse.

Most of them are from educational institutions are for the general benefit and knowledge for everyone.



5.  Self Actualization Assignment #5  By University of Pittsburg (HRD)

The University of Pittsburgh is a state-related public research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Finally, a Self Actualization presentation for University students.

It is a very comprehensive presentation. It consists of 75 pages. There is a 10 minute break in between and it is labeled as weeek9. I assume it is a part of a Workshop series.

The name of the presentation is

From Planning to Human Resources- Part I

HRD: Training and Education for Development”

This is an extensive Self Actualization ppt with a lot of examples. The name of the presenter and person behind the Self Actualization ppt is not mentioned, unfortunately.

But you can see, someone has a done a lot of research to make this Self Actualization ppt.

There are comics, book reviews, questions, research studies, flow charts, case studies and what not? This Self Actualization ppt is simply an inspiration for everyone who wants to level up their presentation skills.

Self Actualization pyramid is on page 26. After that, we can see some explanation and significance of Self Actualization discussed. Subsequently, Management Theories, Training, Training Methods and Management Techniques are discussed

This Self Actualization ppt is a must save for MBA(Masters in Business Administration) and HRD (Human Resource Development) students. You can also save it to lean better Presentation techniques and workshop tips. Access this Self Actualization ppt here




6.  Self Actualization Assignment # 6  By Northland Prep Academy

Northland Preparatory Academy is a public charter high school and middle school in Flagstaff, Arizona. It aims to provide a college preparatory environment and alternative to public high schools in the area. This is a very neat clean power point presentation for people who love white.

It starts with a beautiful quotation by David Myers

“Genuineness, acceptance, and empathy are the water, sun, and nutrients that enable people to grow like vigorous oak trees, according to Rogers.”

This Self Actualization ppt compares both Maslow and Rogers Self Actualization theories. There is this one slide about Self Concept.

Humanistic Perspective in Psychology is evaluated both positively and negatively. Strengths and Weakness of Humanistic School of thought are highlighted.

And there is Homework at the end. Another quotation, at the very end. This is a very brilliant idea to engage all students. You can access this Presentation here


Image by zhuhehuai @Pexels

7.   Self Actualization Assignment #7  The Kenrick Pyramid.

This Self Actualization pyramid has been made by University of British Columbia.

The University of British Columbia is a public research university with campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia. The university ranks among the top three universities in Canada.

Did you know that Kenrick Pyramid is another application of Maslow’s Pyramid.

Maslow’s Hierarchy has been applied in different fields. Research in the area of Self Actualization has far and wide implications.

If you see this article on Self Actualization Infographics, you can see that Self Actualization has been applied on Social Media, Online shopping behavior as well as Economics and Finance.

So what exactly, is Kenrick’s Pyramid?

Kenrick’s Pyramid is “Categories of behavior regulatory systems that are likely to have evolved in response to fitnessrelevant “problems” within ancestral ecologies”

You can access this Self Actualization ppt here.

Psychologist Ash signing off for now. Let me know, if you liked these Self Actualization ppt. You can download them and customize them according to your audience and objectives.

Happy Self Actualizing Everyone.


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