I think Self Discovery plays an important role when we are planning a career.

People excel at careers which align with their values and interests 

And finding out about ourselves, understanding ourselves is important to plan a career which satisfies and saturates us internally. 

Photo by AbsolutVision @Pixabay

Self-discovery and career planning are two of the most important steps that anyone can take in order to ensure a successful and fulfilling future. Taking the time to explore one’s interests, passions, and values can provide a strong foundation for making decisions about education and career paths.

The process of self-discovery can involve a variety of activities, such as reflecting on past experiences, exploring new interests, and engaging in conversations with mentors and peers. This process can help to identify areas of strength, areas for growth, and potential career paths. It can also provide insight into the type of environment that would be most conducive to personal and professional growth.

Career planning is the next step in the process, and involves research, goal-setting, and creating an action plan. This can include researching potential career paths, exploring educational and training opportunities, and creating a timeline for achieving goals.

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