FREE, one of my favourite word. I am not surprised to know that Free is the most researched keyword on Google.

What if Summer School is free? Well there are some pretty neat Summer school options.

1. Wonderopolis 
Free summer courses for kids. Kids read a webpage, give some answers to some questions. Then they get printable cards.  Kids are motivated to collect cards and then they can complete their courses. Wonderopolis is free summer school. I love it.

2. KIDS unicef camp
Is summer school free? Yes it is. My kids joined this camp. There are so many Sumner courses for kids, Summer videos, summer recipes and summer fun. Kids UNICEF Camp started with an agenda. It's agenda was to make sure kids do not miss the Sumner fun because of Corona Restrictions.

3. Epic kids.
An online library. Just make sure uou are using a bigger device, so kids do not have an eyesight problem. 40,000 books in good format. Epic basic plan is so awesome. One book free for 1 kid. You can enroll 4 kids with one parent account. Epic Basic is free. Epic Unlimited is premium.

4. Play dates with neighbours and Relatives 

5. Organize a summer course for people in your locality 
Give responsibility to all mothers. They can teach anything to a bunch of kids. Plan stuff. Buy stuff. Print worksheets. Make a WhatsApp group for planning. Organize something to eat. Preferably healthy. Start with weekly sessions. Lovely approach. Kids might love it.

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