There are a few colors that have a negative aura associated with them. Reds, purples, and pinks are typically associated with negative energy. Greens, blues, and yellows are often associated with feelings of anxiety or stress. Additionally, blacks, browns, and whites often have a negative energy associated with them.

There are a few different types of auras that can be negative. The first is when someone is feeling angry or resentful. This can make them look angry or hostile, and can create a negative energy around them. The second is when someone is feeling sad or upset. This can make them look sad or depressed, and can create a negative energy around them. The third is when someone is feeling scared or anxious. This can make them look scared or anxious, and can create a negative energy around them.

Negative aura colors and forms can be very draining and oppressive. They can make a person feel overwhelmed, tired, and anxious. Dark red, black, or deep purple are examples of negative auras. Negative aura forms can appear as a dense fog, a heavy burden, or a dark cloud. It is important to be aware of any negative auras you may be feeling in order to take steps to protect yourself and clear the energy.

Negative aura colors and forms can be used to represent certain negative feelings or emotions. Depending on the shade and color of the aura, it can represent the feeling of fear, anger, sadness, or even a sense of despair. Additionally, the shape of the aura can reflect the internal state of the person, showing their emotional turmoil and distress. To make sure that the aura is correctly interpreted, it is important to focus on the individual's current mental and emotional state. By focusing on the individual, one can get a better understanding of their current emotional state, as well as the aura that they are expressing.

Negative aura colors and forms can have a powerful impact on your overall energy. These colors and forms can create an atmosphere of fear, anger, or sadness. By being aware of the colors and forms that are associated with negative energy, you can be aware of how to protect yourself from it. 

Negative aura colors include red, black, and dark purple. These colors are associated with anger, fear, and aggression. Red can signify danger and can make people feel uneasy or threatened. Black can represent depression and a lack of motivation. Dark purple can indicate a feeling of doom and gloom. 

Negative aura forms are often associated with the energy of fear and anger. They can take the form of shadows, dark clouds, or dark spirits. These forms can be a sign that an area is not safe and can cause feelings of fear and discomfort. To counter these forms, one should focus on filling the area with light. This can take the form of candles, incense, or crystals. 

By being aware of the colors and forms associated with negative energy, one can be better prepared to protect themselves from its effects. By filling the area with light and creating a positive atmosphere, one can help to reduce the negative energy and create a more peaceful environment.


- Red

- Brown

- Gray

- Black

- White

- Orange

- Yellow

- Pink

- Purple

- Turquoise


- Aggressive

- Cynical

- Defensive

- Dismissive

- Hostile

- Judgmental

- Overly Critical

- Passive-Aggressive

- Sarcastic

- Suspicious

The concept of aura colors and forms is an interesting and important one. While many people focus on the positive aspects of aura colors and forms, it is important to recognize the negative aspects as well. Negative aura colors and forms can have a powerful effect on our lives and should not be ignored.

Negative aura colors are typically associated with feelings of fear, anger, sadness, and depression. They can often be seen in dark and muted shades, such as black, grey, and brown. These colors can be seen in a person’s aura when they are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or insecure. Negative aura colors can also be seen in a person’s clothing and environment, as these can be reflections of their inner emotions.

Negative aura forms are also important to recognize. These can be seen as auras that are distorted, chaotic, or jagged. They can also appear as auras that are cloudy or foggy.

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The aura is the radiating field of energy that surrounds every living creature. It's what gives us our unique identity, and it can be easily pictured as a rainbow around us. The aura is made up of different colors, including green, brownish red, reddish-purple and black. Each color represents different energies within your body -- your health, wealth or success for example. What most people don't know is that there are also negative aura colors which will affect them if they're in a negative state of mind!

Dark green

Dark green is a color of jealousy and envy. It can also be used to ward off negative energy, heal the aura, and attract money.

Dark green is an excellent color for those who are struggling with jealousy or envy issues because it will help them feel less stressed out about their situation. For example, if you have been feeling jealous of another person's success in life, then wearing dark green might help bring balance back into your life so that everyone wins!


The brownish-red color on the negative auras is associated with anger, frustration and aggression. In fact, it's one of the most powerful colors in the aura spectrum. When you see this color you can feel angry or frustrated at something that has happened to you; however, if you use this technique regularly it will help focus your mind on a specific goal and get rid of bad habits as well!


A reddish-purple aura is a sign that you're angry, passionate or energetic. If you're feeling angry, for example, your aura will likely be reddish-purple (and possibly even darker). This color is associated with passion and energy—so if you feel passionate or energetic when others are around you, it could mean that the color of your aura matches theirs!


Black is the absence of all colors. It's associated with death, mourning and evil. Black is a color that represents deep emotions, feelings and sensations that are often associated with power and authority.

Black can be used as a symbol of power in your aura art work if you want to use it as a symbol of authority or wealth because people associate black with luxury items like cars, jewelry or houses (which represent money).


Blue is a calming color, as it helps to calm the body and mind. It can also be used in the bedroom for that extra dose of relaxation. If you're looking to feel more confident, wearing blue may do just that!

Negative aura colors will affect you if you're in a negative state of mind.

When you're in a negative state of mind, your aura colors will reflect that. If you're feeling angry or sad, for example, your aura will be a darker shade of red or orange. These colors are not good for your health and can make you feel depressed or sadder than normal—which is why it's important to learn how to change them back when they become too strong.

Negative emotions also have an effect on relationships: Partners who see each other through rose-tinted glasses may not realize how much they love each other until they're gone (or worse yet, break up). On the other hand if partners fight over petty things like whether one person should pick up after themselves or use more paper towels than necessary then those arguments may escalate into full-blown fights where both parties end up feeling hurt because neither side wants their partner to leave but both want some kind of resolution which requires compromise - so instead they stay together just long enough before breaking up again because neither party felt heard by their partner during their argument; which leads us back around again until eventually there isn't anyone left except maybe pets !!!


The aura is a key part of the human psyche and can affect you in many ways. It’s important to understand how your aura colors affect you and what happens when they change. If you find yourself in a negative state of mind, it’s time to try some positive affirmations that will help bring about positive changes for your life!

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