When it comes to negativity, there are a lot of different words that can be used to describe it. Some of the most common words used to describe negativity include: critical, judgmental, pessimistic, and cynical. However, there are many other words that can be used to describe negativity, such as:

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and unhelpful.

No matter what words you use to describe negativity, one thing is for sure: it's never a good thing. If you find yourself feeling negative, try to find a way to change your mindset and focus on the positive.

100 Synonyms of Negativity

Negativity can be a difficult thing to manage, but it is possible to find ways to stay positive. There are many synonyms for negativity, such as pessimism, gloominess, despondency, dejection, disheartenment, discouragement, despair, despondency, disenchantment, dispiritedness, gloom, hopelessness, helplessness, melancholy, misery, moroseness, sadness, and sorrow. Additionally, words like animosity, bitterness, cynicism, distrust, doubt, gloominess, hatred, hostility, indignation, malevolence, misanthropy, mistrust, rancor, resentment, and suspicion can be used to describe a negative attitude. It is important to recognize these feelings and take steps to move away from them. With the right strategies, it is possible to stay positive and find joy in life.

- Unhappiness
- Misery
- Gloom
- Despair
- Glumness
- Cynicism
- Pessimism
- Gloominess
- Displeasure
- Dismay
- Woe
- Sorrow
- Anguish
- Gloomy
- Glum
- Doldrums
- Melancholy
- Melancholia
- Bleakness
- Disheartenment
- Hopelessness
- Despondency
- Desolation
- Dejection
- Despondence
- Discouragement
- Unpleasantness
- Unsatisfactory
- Unsatisfaction
- Uncheerfulness
- Disenchantment
- Miserableness
- Lowness
- Gloomful
- Bleak
- Cheerlessness
- Unfavorable
- Unenthusiastic
- Dreariness
- Unfavorableness
- Dreary

100 Synonyms of Negativity

Pessimism, gloominess, dejection, despondency, despair, hopelessness, cynicism, doubt, despondence, anguish, misery, wretchedness, gloom, sorrow, despond, affliction, tribulation, qualm, distress, disheartenment, inhibition, disquietude, forlornness, pessimistical, dejected, despondingly, disenchantment, misery, woefulness, abjection, dolorousness, dolor, discomposure, afflictive, dolefulness, despondency, dispiritedness, dispiriting, woe, distressfulness, heartbreaking, cheerlessness, worrying, dark, disheartening, joylessness, dispirited, dismal, dejecting, melancholy, dishearten, disconsolate, heavyheartedness, despondently, disenchanting, desolation, dishearteningly, cheerless, disconsolately, mournfulness, woeful, glumness, heartache, grief, distressful, dispiritingly, discomfiture, wretched, discomfited, grief-stricken, melancholic, crushing, despairing, melancholiness, disquiet, disenchant, afflict, discomfiture, sorrowfulness, despairingly, unfortunate, and unhappy.

Negativity can be a difficult thing to experience or observe. It is important to be aware of the power of words and the impact they can have on our own and others' mental health. To help combat negativity, it is helpful to have an arsenal of positive words and phrases to draw upon.

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