There are many highly sensitive person jobs out there that can be very rewarding. Some jobs that may be good fits for highly sensitive people include:

• Psychologist

• Social worker

• Therapist

• Counselor

• Mediator

• Interpreter

• Marriage and family therapist

• Life coach

• Nurture counselor

• Animal behaviorist

• Environmental scientist

• Biologist

• Botanist

• Geologist

• Paleontologist

• Meteorologist

• Plant scientist

• Zoologist Some highly sensitive person jobs are:







-Mediator -Peacekeeper

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a person who has an innate sensitivity to sensory stimuli, meaning they are much more aware of their surroundings and react more to them. They can be overwhelmed by too much noise, light, or activity.

Many HSPs have jobs in the creative industry because they are able to produce work that is detailed and refined.

Creative jobs that HSPs might find fulfilling include: graphic design, music production, photography, art direction, architecture.

A highly sensitive person is a person who has a genetic trait that makes them more sensitive to their environment. They are more likely to have a lower emotional threshold, meaning they react more easily to stimuli.

There are many jobs that are suited for people with this trait. Some examples of jobs for people with this trait include:



-Social Worker


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