The definition of peace is the absence of violence, conflict or hostility. But peace is more than just the absence of these things – it’s also a state of being that includes harmony, calm and tranquility.

When we talk about peace in the world, we are referring to a general sense of harmony and calm among nations. But peace is also something that can be found within ourselves. When we are at peace, we are free from negative emotions and inner turmoil. We are able to find calm and focus in the midst of chaos.

The quest for peace is an ongoing journey – one that we all must take. But the first step is finding peace within ourselves. From there, we can start to spread peace to the people and places around us.

  • peaceful meaning

Peaceful is an adjective that describes a feeling of tranquility and calmness. It can also refer to a state or period of freedom from war or violence. Peaceful can also describe a person or environment as being peaceful, serene, and relaxed.

There is no one right answer to this question. To some, peace may mean freedom from conflict and violence. Others may define it as inner harmony or a sense of calm. Still others may think of peace as the absence of suffering or the presence of positive emotions like happiness, love, and compassion.

In general, peace is a state of balance and well-being. It can be thought of as a lack of negative emotions or a presence of positive emotions. Peace is also often thought of as a lack of conflict, both internal and external.

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