Self Awareness Worksheets for High School Students

Hi there! I'm glad you're looking for self-awareness worksheets for high school students. It's a great way to help young people develop healthy self-awareness and better understand their emotions. Here are a few resources that may be helpful:

  • Mindful Self-Awareness Worksheet: This worksheet from helps high schoolers reflect on their mental states and understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Exploring Values Worksheet: This worksheet from can help high schoolers identify and prioritize their values, which is an important part of self-awareness.
  • Emotional Regulation Worksheet: This worksheet from encourages high schoolers to explore their emotions and develop healthy ways to regulate them.

I hope these resources are helpful! Best of luck.

Self-awareness is an important skill for all high school students to develop. This worksheet will help students reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses so they can start to develop a plan for how to improve upon their weaknesses and build upon their strengths.


1. Answer each question below as honestly as possible.

2. Take your time and think carefully about each question. Your answers should be thoughtful and reflective.

3. Be prepared to share your answers with a partner or group.

4. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. This is just an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself!


1. What are some things you're good at?

2. What are some things you struggle with?

3. What are some things you'd like to do in the present and in the future.

Self-Awareness is the ability to accurately perceive your own thoughts, feelings, and motivations. It is a critical foundation for success in life, yet it is a skill that is often overlooked. This worksheet is designed to help high school students begin the process of developing self-awareness.


1. Take some time to reflect on the following questions. There is no right or wrong answer, so just be honest with yourself.

- What are your strengths?

- What are your weaknesses?

- What are your values?

- What motivates you?

- What interests you?

2. Once you have answered the questions, take some time to think about how you can use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. For example, if you are shy, how can you use your strengths to become more confident.

This worksheet is a resource for students to help them explore the topic of self-awareness. It asks students to answer questions about themselves and their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

It is important that we teach our children how to be self-aware because it can be a life skill that will help them in many areas of their lives.

The Self Awareness Worksheet for High School Students is a self-evaluation tool that helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses. It also provides them with suggestions on how to improve their skills. The goal of this worksheet is to help students develop a more accurate understanding of themselves and what they need in order to reach their full potential.
This worksheet is perfect for high school students who are looking for ways to improve themselves and learn about themselves. It's also great for teachers who want to give the students the opportunity to evaluate themselves in order to get a better understanding of where they are so they can work towards improving themselves.

This worksheet is designed to help high school students explore their own sense of self-awareness.

The worksheet is organized into five sections:

1) “My thoughts” 2) “My feelings” 3) “What I do well in life” 4) “What I would like to change about myself” and 5) “How others see me.”

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