I am very pleased to include personal projects in my CV. These projects demonstrate my commitment to learning new skills and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. They also show my ability to take initiative and work independently to complete a project from start to finish. Personal projects are a great way to demonstrate my creativity, problem-solving skills, and technical knowledge. Furthermore, they are a great way to showcase my passion for technology and my commitment to staying current in the field.

- Developed a website for a local business using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
- Developed a mobile application using React Native
- Created a portfolio website using WordPress
- Developed a game using Unity
- Created a database using MySQL
- Developed a web application using PHP and MySQL
- Developed a chatbot using DialogFlow
- Developed an e-commerce website using WooCommerce
- Created a web scraper using Python
- Developed an AI-based chatbot using TensorFlow
- Developed a web application using ASP.

Personal projects are a great way to showcase the skills and experience you have developed outside of formal education and employment. A comprehensive list of personal projects in your CV is an excellent way to demonstrate your technical aptitude, creativity, and initiative. Furthermore, it demonstrates that you are actively engaging in self-development and have a passion for learning and growth.

Including personal projects in your CV is a great way to give potential employers a window into your world and provide an insight into the type of skills you have acquired beyond the classroom. From creating a website, developing an app and creating a podcast, the projects you choose to include in your CV should demonstrate your commitment to learning and development. Here are 50 personal projects that you could include in your CV:

1. Create a website
2. Develop an app
3. Create a podcast
4. Design a poster
5. Create a logo
6. Develop a game
7. Create a digital portfolio

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