How to become a polymath

A polymath is someone who knows a lot

A person who’s good with words, math, and thought

They’re well-rounded and have many skills

And their knowledge is vast and deep

To become a polymath, you must start somewhere

You need to be curious, and never be scared

To explore the world and learn from it too

To seek out knowledge and make it new

You must read and study, and practice what you can

Explore a variety of topics and use your plan

Learn from the experts and those who have gone before

And strive to understand more and more

You must be willing to take risks and explore

To seek out new ideas and knowledge galore

You must be open to change and challenge yourself

To push yourself out of your comfort zone

You must be willing to try and fail

To learn from your mistakes and never be stale

To learn from others and be open to advice

And to never be afraid to ask twice

You must be persistent and never give up

To challenge yourself and never give in

To never be afraid to make mistakes

And to always keep learning and growing

You must be patient and have a plan

To keep track of your progress and understand

That the journey to becoming a polymath

Will take time, dedication, and hard work

You must be passionate and have a goal

To keep pushing yourself and reaching your goal

To become a polymath is no easy task

But with the right motivation, you will succeed at last

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