Verse 1

A wretched soul, afflict'd with pain,

A mind that's lost, no hope to gain.

A life of madness, a heart of fear,

Forgotten dreams, a life of tears.

Verse 2

The voices in the head, they speak,

The visions that they bring, so bleak.

The fear of losing sanity,

The dread of losing identity.

Verse 3

The terror of the unknown, the fear,

The darkness that surrounds, so near.

The struggle of the mind to cope,

The anguish of the soul to hope.

Verse 4

The fear of being judged, the shame,

The loneliness of being insane.

The dark thoughts that plague the mind,

The sadness that's so hard to find.

Verse 5

The courage to fight, to survive,

The strength to keep on going, alive.

The will to stay strong, to heal,

The hope that one day, it all can be real.

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