Verse 1

It's hard to be a teenager in this world,

Where expectations are so often hurled.

Pressure to succeed and fit in,

Can make it hard to be your own kin.

Verse 2

Friends come and go,

And it’s easy to feel low.

Expectations are high,

And it can be hard to try.

Verse 3

Trying to find yourself,

And figure out what you’re worth.

It’s hard to fit in,

When you’re just beginning.

Verse 4

The pressures of school,

Can make you feel like a fool.

You’re trying to do your best,

But it doesn’t always pass the test.

Verse 5

It’s hard to make decisions,

When there’s so many revisions.

It’s hard to know what to do,

When the future’s so unclear to you.

Verse 6

It’s hard to be a teenager,

And not know what the future brings.

It can be a scary place,

With so many changes to face.

Verse 7

You want to be accepted,

But it’s hard to be respected.

It’s hard to find your place,

When you’re still learning how to race.

Verse 8

It’s hard to feel confident,

When you’re always feeling hesitant.

It’s hard to keep up with trends,

When you’re still finding your ends.

Verse 9

It’s hard to feel like you belong,

When you’re just trying to be strong.

It’s hard to find your way,

When you feel like you’re lost in the fray.

Verse 10

It’s hard to be a teenager,

But it’s not impossible to make it through.

You can find your place in this world,

And make your dreams come true.

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