Wow, 50 jokes about overachievers? That's quite the overachievement! But let's give it a shot:

1. I heard that overachievers like to go above and beyond, but I think they're taking it too literally.

2. Why did the overachiever go to the gym on Christmas day? Because gains never take a holiday.

3. Overachievers never procrastinate. They just need more time to meticulously plan everything out.

4. If an overachiever gets lost, they just ask themselves: What would GPS do?

5. Overachievers have a hard time enjoying vacations because they're always thinking about their next achievement.

6. You know you're an overachiever when you stress about getting an A+ in a class that isn't even graded.

7. Overachievers never skip leg day. And arm day. And core day.

8. I was going to make a joke about overachievers, but I couldn't think of a punchline that would satisfy their high standards.

9. Overachievers are like sharks, they never stop moving forward.

10. An overachiever's to-do list has a to-do list.

11. Why did the overachiever cross the road? To add it to their list of accomplishments.

12. An overachiever's motto: If at first you don't succeed, you're clearly not trying hard enough.

13. Overachievers never take a break. They just schedule in naptime.

14. When an overachiever gets a participation trophy, they treat it like a failure.

15. Overachievers don't face challenges, they welcome opportunities for growth.

16. An overachiever's worst nightmare is realizing they've been using the wrong color of highlighter.

17. Overachievers always have a plan B, C, and D. Just in case.

18. Why did the overachiever wear sunglasses? Because their future is too bright.

19. Overachievers have a hard time relaxing because they feel like they're wasting time when they're not doing anything productive.

20. An overachiever's idea of a wild night is staying up until 10pm to finish a project.

21. Overachievers never settle for good enough. They strive for perfection.

22. An overachiever's resume is longer than a CVS receipt.

23. Overachievers always have their hand raised in class, even when they know they're not going to be called on.

24. An overachiever's favorite word is "challenge" because it gives them an opportunity to prove themselves.

25. Why did the overachiever bring a ladder to school? Because they wanted to climb to the top of the class.

26. Overachievers never get lost. They just take a detour on their path to success.

27. An overachiever's calendar is their bible.

28. Overachievers have a hard time taking a compliment because they think they could've done better.

29. An overachiever's biggest fear is not being the best.

30. Overachievers never turn down an opportunity because they don't want to miss out on a chance to shine.

31. An overachiever's dream job is being an overachiever.

32. Overachievers see a glass and immediately think about how they can make it bigger.

33. An overachiever's idea of a vacation is attending a seminar on productivity and efficiency.

34. Overachievers never cut corners. They take the long way to ensure they cover all their bases.

35. An overachiever's bedtime routine involves reviewing their achievements from the day.

36. Overachievers always have a detailed plan for every situation, even a zombie apocalypse.

37. An overachiever's favorite thing to do is cross things off their to-do list.

38. Overachievers never take a sick day. They just work from home.

39. An overachiever's favorite quote is: "If you're not first, you're last."

40. Overachievers have a hard time relaxing in a messy room because it distracts them from their goals.

41. An overachiever's biggest pet peeve is seeing a task done poorly.

42. Overachievers always have a backup plan. And a backup plan for their backup plan.

43. An overachiever's brain never stops working, even when they're sleeping.

44. Overachievers always have a schedule, even on weekends.

45. An overachiever's worst nightmare is missing a deadline.

46. Overachievers don't believe in luck. They believe in hard work and dedication.

47. An overachiever's idea of a party is a study group.

48. Overachievers always have a pen and paper on hand to jot down their next idea.

49. An overachiever's definition of success is constantly evolving.

50. Overachievers never settle for mediocrity. They always strive for excellence.

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