Sure, here are 20 jokes about being clumsy!

1. I used to be clumsy, but I've been working on it. Now I only drop things once or twice a day.

2. My clumsiness is so bad, I once tripped over my own shoelaces while wearing flip flops.

3. I may be clumsy, but at least I'm always on my toes.

4. I'm not clumsy, I'm just practicing my balance in case I ever want to join the circus.

5. I'm so clumsy, I once spilled coffee on my keyboard and it started typing on its own.

6. I think my clumsiness is contagious, because every time I drop something, someone else seems to follow suit.

7. My friends tell me I have two left feet, but I prefer to think of it as always being in a state of dance readiness.

8. I'm so clumsy, I once slipped on a banana peel in my own kitchen.

9. I'm not just clumsy, I'm also a master at making things disappear. Just watch as I drop this glass and it shatters into a million pieces.

10. My mom used to say I had a gift for tripping over nothing, and I've been honing that gift ever since.

11. I'm so clumsy, I once knocked over a display of breakable objects in a store just by walking by it.

12. If clumsiness was an Olympic sport, I'd be a gold medalist.

13. I'm the kind of person who can trip over a flat surface, but I always manage to land on my feet.

14. You know you're clumsy when you can trip over your own shadow.

15. I've never been known for my grace or coordination, but at least I have a good sense of humor about it.

16. My clumsiness is like a superpower, except instead of using it for good or evil, I just use it to embarrass myself.

17. I'm not sure if I'm really clumsy or if the universe is conspiring against me.

18. If breaking things was a hobby, I'd be a world champion.

19. Accidentally dropping things is just my way of testing the durability of objects.

20. I may be clumsy, but at least I'm not afraid to fall down and pick myself back up again.

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