There are many words that can be used to describe someone who is clumsy. Here are 100 synonyms for clumsy:

1. Awkward

2. Bumbling

3. Clumsy

4. Inept

5. Maladroit

6. Awry

7. Cumbersome

8. Discombobulated

9. Floundering

10. Gauche

11. Halting

12. Lumbering

13. Stumbling

14. Uncoordinated

15. Unskillful

16. Adept

17. Artful

18. Assiduous

19. Canny

20. Capable

21. Careful

22. Clever

23. Deft

24. Dextrous

25. Diligent

26. Expert

27. Finesse

28. Handy

29. Ingenious

30. Judicious

31. Keen

32. Knack

33. Nifty

34. Accident prone

Clumsy, it's a word that we all know,

With its meanings clear, and its presence low.

But there are synonyms, that may surprise,

And open up, a new world of surprise.

Awkward, ungainly, and ungraceful,

Words that describe, with meanings tasteful.

For clumsy is more, than just a simple word,

It's a trait that's complex, and often absurd.

Bumbling, fumbling, and stumbling,

Words that capture, the essence of bumbling.

For clumsy is not just, about physical grace,

It's about how we move, and how we embrace.

Clodhopping, lumbering, and inept,

Words that describe, with meanings adept.

For clumsy is a part, of who we are,

And it's something that, we should not bar.

So, let's embrace, the synonyms of clumsy,

And see how they, can make us less gummy.

For clumsy is just, a part of our being,

And it's something that, we should be freeing.

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