I have mommy issues, this I know

A burden that accompanies me wherever I go

Memories of love that was never enough

A mother's affection, a dose too tough

Growing up, I craved for her validation

But she was always too critical, too harsh with her conversation

I searched for love in all the wrong places

Now, I'm left with emotional traces

I wonder if she ever saw me

Or if I was just a tool for her to be

A mirror of her own expectations

Leaving me with a void of affection

Now, I'm left with unanswered questions

A heart that's filled with misdirection

But I choose to heal and move on

To find love in myself and be strong

Mommy issues may be my past

But they don't define who I am at last

I choose to let go and forgive

So that in my heart, love can start to live.

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