In realms of mind, where nuances reside,

Let's weave a tapestry of thoughts unveiled.

A poem, poised to delve into the tide,

Of Autism and ADHD, thus impaled.

Stanza 1:

Both wander through the landscapes of the mind,

Their paths diverge, yet intertwine.

Both dance with thoughts, erratic and wild,

But Autism dwells in a more secluded shade.

Stanza 2:

They share a kinship, such vibrant hues,

In communication's intricate realms.

Where Autism craves solitude, love endures,

ADHD thrives in social spheres, overwhelmed.

Stanza 3:

Attention flickers, like a lightning's glow,

In realms where ADHD and Autism blend.

Both struggle to control their mind's flow,

But Autism's echoes, whispering till the end.

Stanza 4:

Sensory realms, a kaleidoscope's embrace,

Both feel the world magnified, askew.

Autism, with heightened senses in chase,

ADHD, a whirlwind, seeking something new.

Stanza 5:

Hyperfocus lends its charm to these souls,

Time melts away in their passionate gaze.

Yet Autism relishes in its strict controls,

Whilst ADHD's focus often strays.

Stanza 6:

Executive function, a mighty bridge,

That separates these siblings in thought.

Autism mulls in patterns, crystal-clear,

ADHD dances, chaos eagerly sought.

Stanza 7:

Repetitive thoughts echo through their minds,

Both struggle with intrusive mental scenes.

But Autism’s rituals, solace they find,

ADHD's thoughts swirl, like echoes in dreams.

Stanza 8:

Societal masks, both skillfully adorned,

Invisible struggles lurking beneath.

Autism's mask, authenticity adorns,

ADHD's mask, spontaneity shall breathe.

Stanza 9:

Both bear the weight of judgment's cruel gaze,

Misunderstood warriors, they fight.

Autism seeks patterns, navigates maze,

ADHD dances, birthing pure delight.

Stanza 10:

In harmony and dissonance they dwell,

These kindred spirits in the realm of being.

Both Autism and ADHD, stories to tell,

In their unique ways, forever unseeing.

Though differences and similarities lie,

Autism and ADHD, souls reside.

This tapestry woven, where worlds collide,

A poetic homage to these minds, untied.

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