So you want to Self Actualize? This is a beautiful start of a new life, new identity and more happiness. Your self Actualization Journey will help you turn your life around and become a better version of yourself.

Self Actualization Journey is possible with the help of Self Actualization Examples, Self Actualization Quotes and the belief that you are destined for greatness.

Self Actualization Journey will help you understand yourself and become a better version of yourself. Now, coming to the 5 things you can do to stimulate your Self Actualization Journey are


1.  Step 1: Define Self Actualization

Since Self Actualization hits differently for different people, it is always good to write down the meaning of Self Actualization.


For me, Self Actualization means having a steady income, peace of mind, mental and physical health and a happy home.

Self Actualization for me is having a strong spiritual connection with the Lord and also preparing for the Hereafter.


What does Self Actualization symbolize for you? Write it down in your Self Actualization Journal. You can check Self Actualization Meaning for more ideas.


2.  Step 2:“Know Thyself”

This is also known as Self Discovery. This is very important. A person should know his strengths and weaknesses. A person can understand herself or himself by writing down her or his goals.

Every human being is different. Our differences make us beautiful. They set us apart. They make us unique.

Abraham Maslow said

"To talk of self-actualization," wrote Maslow, "implies there is a self to be actualized. A human being is not a tabula rasa, a lump of clay or Plasticine. He is something that is already there."

(The Farther Reaches of Human Nature by Abraham Maslow)

So knowing ourselves and our innate abilities and inherent gifts can help us in our Self Actualization Journey.

3.        Step 3: Grit

I read a scientific research article on Self Actualization. It was “Grit and Flow are prescriptions for Self Actualization”. This articles galvanized  me for a long time. It still inpires me a lot.

And now, I am going to pass this awesome scientific research evidence to you.

According to this trail blazing research articles, if you really want to Self Actualize, then Grit and Flow are your permit to the World of Success.

Angela Duckworth is the world’s foremost authority on Grit, and she defines the trait as “perseverance and passion for long term goals”

Duckworth states that Grit is about having an “ultimate concern”; a goal that you are so passionate about that it gives meaning and organization to everything that you do.

Failures on the road to achieving this goal are not a deterrent towards its striving, but are regarded as necessary parts of the process.


As Duckworth states,

“The gritty individual approaches achievement as a marathon; his or her advantage is stamina. Whereas disappointment or boredom signals to others that it is time to change trajectory and cut losses, the gritty individual stays the course”.


We can apply the imagery of the gritty individual’s achievement marathon to Maslow’s belief that the multifaceted journey of life should be spent in the constant pursuit of becoming our best.


 Indeed, the gritty individual and the Self-Actualized indi-vidual share many commonalities.

Grit for me is the  tendency and voucher to not give up. To be steadfast and to belive that one day yes one day my dream will come true.


But If I give up today, I will become the same sore disappointed person who I was in the beginning.

So since I have came so fay, No turning back now. This reminds of a  quotation, I read earlier




4.       Step 4: Flow

What is Flow? In the words of Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi

“The self expands through acts of self-forgetfulness” .

It rings a bell, doesn’t it?

Remember Peak Experiences? The hallmark oF Self Actualization.

Flow is also defined as “a state of such complete absorption that those experiencing it disregard hunger, fatigue, and discomfort”.

Experiencing Flow is often conceptualized as being “in the Zone”, as being in a Flow state allows us to operate at our full capacity for however long the state lasts. In this way, those in Flow can be thought of as having micro-experiences of Self-Actualization; performing at their maximum potential for moments at a time.

To be in Flow, the level of difficulty of the task at hand has to perfectly match one’s skill level at that task. If the task is too difficult, we can become anxious, stressed, and neurotic; too easy, and we become relaxed and bored.


5.    Step 5: Become A Lifelong Learner

In order to Self Actualize, one must also understand that in this Self Actualization Journey, one is constantly striving to be a better version of oneself.

I get up every day to become a better me than yesterday. I want to go one step further towards my goal.

As long as the sun is up, we all have one more chance to work towards our goal.


Remember, Self Actualization is not a single change but a lifelong journey.

No matter how you choose to go about pursuing self-actualization, remember that the idea is to make your life feel more fulfilling.

 This is not a stressful assignment you need to take on but just small steps you can slowly work through as you explore yourself and your place in the world.


“From a therapist’s perspective, self-actualization is a constant work in progress,” Egel says. “In our humanness, we are never going to stay completely the same.”



This reminds me of a Book I read by Robin Sharma. The Book has a very beautiful title “The 10 tactics for Life Long Genius”. He listed 10 ways to become a Life Long  Learner. The image below explains it all.



Robin Sharma writes some really pretty books . He explains his concepts with fascinating yet elegant diagrams. If I wrote a book ever, I will explain it with visually appealing figures and diagrams. Much like the one, show above.



6.Consult a Psychologist or a Life Coach.


If you are having difficulty and are at your wits end, it would be good to consult a Psychologist or a Life Coach. Psychologists and Life Coaches can help you organize your life goals. They can also guide you about Self Actualization.

Keep reading this blog, I am Psychologist Ash and I like to write about Self Actualization. I promise you are in good hands.

You may find a few answers in these blog posts too.




There is a new concept of Transformational Therapy by Marissa Myers that is in the news nowadays. (This is an Unsponsored Post, Promise).


You can consult anyone for advice. A good friend, maybe. Someone, who can help you with your Self Actualization Journey and guide you through Self Discovery.

Drop Down a comment, if you want to know more about Self Actualization and Self Actualization Journey.

I am looking forward to your responses.


Happy Self Actualizing Everyone.

Psychologist Ash


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