As a Homemaker and Psychologist, I know the importance of energies and home environment.

I believe people have energies too. Some people have positive energy for you and some people have negative energy for you.

Positive energy and negative energies are transferred even when people do not talk to each other.

I really want to have a positive environment at home. So my kids grow up to be better human beings.

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Importance of positive energy in home

Positive energy at home can bring happiness, optimism, less fights at home,  Kindness, self confidence.

Positive energy at home leads to positive energy at workplace and school.

Children coming from happier homes tend to get better grades and perform better than other students. Lets gift this to our kids. They deserve so much happiness in this world.

There should be so much positive energy at home that kids start to  believe that they can do anything.

Positive Energy at home 

Positive energy at home can protect us from fatigue, stress and negativity. 


What brings positive energy in home

Cleanliness, Organization,Respected home environment.  Peaceful surroundings where people in the family do not criticize and belittle others.

Keep doors and windows open for at least 15-20 minutes daily.

 A clean space evokes a conducive atmosphere for a state of well-being.

How to check positive energy in a house

Positive energy is shown in peaceful interactions between family members.  No gossip, no negative energy. No words of abuse.

There is a vicious circle. Negative energy at home starts and then there is negative interaction between family members. and this negative interaction leads to more negative energy in the house.

So the role of the home maker is really important in this regard.


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Positive Energy Home Decor

1. A vision board

2. Neat and Clean De-cluttered Surroundings
3. Positive Quotes on the wall












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