Again, with my new Obsession of 100 Days of Learning something. Really keep me going. It gives me that adrenaline rush and dopamine boost. 

I am inspired by a lot of influencers on Instagram who claim that they are earning thousands of dollars monthly through ecommerce and amazon and affiliate marketing. I am new to this stuff and I would love to learn more about their findings. 

Lets discuss about what I am learning

Day 1: A lot of potential is seen in Amazon FBA. Now there are a number of ways to earn money on Amazon. One is to become a virtual assistant and promote another shop. I will not put all my eggs in this basket because it is a direct one-to-one relationship and some time VA (Virtual Assistants) do not get paid easily. But becoming a VA through upwork is highly recommended.

Day 2: Amazon FBA is a much better option but you should have  shop on Amazon and then you can promote your products yourself or hire a VA. 

To be continued

Day 3: Just found out about this course. Full playlist available. Can be translated too. Completely free

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