I love starting new series. They keep me motivated to learn more and these 100 Days series and 365 days series also keep my ADHD Mind feuled.

I have started teaching English to Higher classes and I want to make English fun for these lovely kids. I want to discuss my findings here 

Day 1: Reading Books and Enjoying reading is my first step. Let's make sure our kids are given opportunity to visit Library and they can read as many books as they want. 

Day 2: I will inculcate a habit of revising yesterday's syllabus in 5 minutes of the class. Last 5 minutes would be spent revising concepts learned that day. Weekly tests on last day of the week will be highly recommended. Although making tests for 3 classes might be intimidating 😳  but let's keep our fingers crossed.

Day 3: I want my students and my kids to enjoy grammar every single day. I will use worksheets to make my dream come true. 

Day 4: I will try new lesson plan and utilise all kinds of teaching techniques and teaching strategies and teaching models. Any recommendations in the comments section will be highly appreciated.

Day 5: I am a big fan of creative writing myself. Let's encourage our kids and students to write and enjoy writing.

Day 6:

- I learned the importance of creating a positive learning environment to keep students engaged and motivated.
- I discovered the value of providing clear instructions and expectations to ensure students understand the task at hand.
- I developed an understanding of how to use different teaching methods to cater to different learning styles.
- I gained experience in assessing student progress and providing feedback to help them improve.
- I honed my skills in using technology to enhance the learning experience.
- I honed my skills in creating engaging and interactive lessons.
- I learned how to effectively manage a classroom and create a safe and respectful learning environment.
- I developed an understanding of how to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
- I gained experience in providing meaningful feedback to help students understand their progress.
- I learned how to effectively use different materials and resources to support student learning.
- I developed an understanding of how to use different assessment tools to measure student progress.

I recently completed my 100 days of teaching English, and I am proud to say that it was an extremely rewarding and enlightening experience. From the first day until the last, I was constantly learning and expanding my knowledge of language and culture. The most important thing I learned was the value of patient and creative teaching when it comes to working with students of varying backgrounds and levels.

Throughout my teaching experience, I discovered that it is important to be open to different approaches to teaching. Not every student learns the same way, so it is essential to be creative and find unique solutions to meet the needs of each and every student. Additionally, I found that having an open and positive attitude towards the students was key to fostering a successful learning environment.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to teach English for 100 days. It was an incredibly enriching experience and I am proud of all the progress I made.

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