Socially awkward disorder is a condition that affects many individuals and can be difficult to recognize. However, there are certain signs that can help identify the disorder. These signs include avoiding eye contact, speaking too softly, fidgeting, difficulty making conversation, feeling uncomfortable in social situations, and having difficulty expressing emotions. Additionally, those with socially awkward disorder may have difficulty understanding social cues, have an intense fear of being judged, and feel anxious in social settings. It is important to note that these signs do not necessarily mean that someone has the disorder, but they can be indicative of it. With awareness and understanding, those with socially awkward disorder can learn to cope with their condition and live a full and meaningful life.

- Avoiding eye contact
- Struggling to start conversations
- Awkward body language
- Replaying conversations in your head
- Feeling anxious in social situations
- Being unable to take criticism
- Hesitating to express opinions
- Seeming uninterested in conversations
- Speaking too softly
- Interrupting others
- Making over-the-top jokes
- Not taking cues from others
- Over-apologizing
- Not understanding social rules
- Appearing unapproachable
- Making people feel uncomfortable
- Not being able to read others
- Avoiding group conversations
- Struggling to find words
- Fearing judgement from others
- Feeling uncomfortable in silence
- Not being able to keep up with conversations
- Not being able to tell jokes
- Not understanding how to end conversations
- Not being able to connect with people
- Overthinking what to say
- Being overly sensitive
- Not being able to accept compliments
- Having difficulty expressing emotions
- Talking too much
- Feeling embarrassed easily
- Being overly critical of yourself
- Feeling intimidated by people
- Not knowing how to make friends
- Not feeling comfortable in new environments
- Having difficulty making eye contact
- Not being able to let go of things easily
- Struggling with nonverbal cues
- Lacking confidence
- Struggling to ask questions
- Being overly anxious
- Being too emotional
- Not understanding body language
- Not knowing how to relax
- Not being able to make small talk
- Appearing restless
- Appearing confused
- Overanalyzing conversations
- Not adapting well to change
- Difficultly expressing feelings
- Overthinking situations
Socially awkward disorder is an all-too-common phenomenon that affects a great many people. It can be difficult to make friends, fit in, and even participate in everyday activities that the average person may take for granted. While there is no definitive list of signs of being socially awkward, there are 100 clear indicators that may signal trouble in this particular area.

From the fear of speaking in public, to avoiding eye contact, to fidgeting excessively, all of these behaviors may be signs of being socially awkward. Other signs may include uncomfortable silences, an unintentional disregard for social norms, or difficulty understanding cues and signals from others. People who suffer from this disorder may also come off as strange, unapproachable, or uninterested in socializing.

The good news is that with proper guidance, people who suffer from socially awkward disorder can learn to manage their symptoms and live a full, meaningful life. With the proper support and understanding, people with this disorder can learn to navigate the social world and build meaningful relationships. If you think you may be suffering from socially awkward disorder, don't hesitate to seek professional help.

Socially awkward disorder may cause a great deal of discomfort and distress, but with the right support, individuals can learn to manage their symptoms and enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful life.

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